About Us

We offer project management services to the arts and community sectors, helping develop building projects from concept through to delivery. We help deliver the best quality buildings possible for people who share our values, at the lowest realistic cost and timeframe possible.

We love the fact that our job necessitates us getting to know creative teams of people in our community. We predominately work in the Northwest but in reality, we work wherever we find people we like. We’re passionate about adopting a flexible approach bespoke to each individual client and we take time to learn what’s best for you.

Sylvia Hebden is founding director at Through & Around and has undertaken project coordination and management work in the built environment sector for the last ten years.

She worked for five years as client-side project coordinator on the Stirling prize-winning Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. From there, she moved on to Walk The Plank, specialists in the outdoor arts, to deliver their new home in Salford. Her work at Walk The Plank inspired her to establish a project management practice that specialised in working with arts and community sector Clients. She now travels across the region to develop quality buildings that help to secure the future of these organisations.

Last year, Sylvia joined Liverpool chess club where she now co-captains a team and learns more every day about the benefits of patience and tenacity. Her mantra is “grounded, gracious and relaxed” (NB this is an aim rather than an achievement). As with all Through & Around employees, Sylvia is a cat person – they just command more respect than dogs.

Siobhan Cotter-Burgess is a founding director of Through & Around and has been in Project Management for 10 years.

Siobhan managed the development and launch of products within the Food for Specialist Medical Purposes sector which resulted in her developing global experience in programme, project and stakeholder management. As exciting as this sounds, Siobhan always yearned to put more of her time into making the world a better place. Sylvia and Siobhan decided to set up T&A to work on the development of quality buildings within the Arts and Community sectors. Working with really exciting projects and interesting Clients has been both fun and challenging….in a good way.

For her sins Siobhan is an Everton Fan which has given her the strength of character to take the rough with the slightly less rough. Along with ranting about football Siobhan also likes The West Wing, Politics and listening to Podcasts about The West Wing and Politics (and secretly Ru Paul’s Drag Race – don’t judge).

Claire Pope has over 10 years project management experience, originally in the financial services industry and primarily focused on improving customer experience and operational efficiency.

She specialises in lean six sigma and has experienced the highs and lows of overseeing projects from both the client and consultant side. Claire joined Through & Around when she decided to take a change in direction and put her skills and experience in problem solving, stakeholder engagement and quality assurance into something that excited her more than banking (not the most difficult task). Claire loves working in a team that has a ton of different experience and who all share the same values and aspirations.

Claire also has a love of cats and Everton football team so fits right in. She spends most of her spare time chasing her 2 year old son about, planning holidays and spending as much quality time as she can with her family and friends.

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